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2 Live Jams a Week

Freakrock Jam

Every Thursday 8:30 pm - 12:30 am

Join us every Thursday we host the best rock Jam around. 

With a full backline to support you, we've got everything you need to rock.....come on out, it's always a great time.

Sunday Blues Jam

Every Sunday 5 pm - 9 pm

Hosted by Corey Lavigne, Marko Ibarra, Trevor Newman......with special guests like Al Walker, Steve Kozak, Paul Kype, Leslie Harris, and Curtis DeBray coming out; it's always worth coming out, you never know who will step on stage here


"Moving In Stereo" - Cars Tribute 

w/ "Rock of Ages" to open 

Apr 28, 2018

'Moving In Stereo' are a tribute to one of the most popular new wave bands to come out of the late '70s and early '80s.  The Cars were at the forefront in merging 1970s guitar-oriented rock with the new synthesizer-oriented pop that was then becoming popular and which would flourish in the early 1980s. Their debut album sold 6 million copies and they went on to sell 23 million albums in the States alone.
Moving In Stereo is Canada's only authentic Cars tribute band.  With a guitar player who performs as Ric Ocasek, a bass player who performers as Benjamin Orr, rounded off with the rest of the band and their outfits, this band is like no other Cars tribute.  Shake it up and let the good times roll with Moving In Stereo! 

Tickets only $12.50

Bad Moon Riders - CCR Tribute

June 9, 2018

Bad Moon Riders proudly present a Salute to the Music of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

These veteran musicians pride themselves on giving a professional show from start to finish that will transport you back to the golden era of rock.

Creedence’s songs- including “Proud Mary”, “Born On The Bayou”, “Bad Moon Risin’”, “Green River”, endure as timeless rock and roll classics that defined the spirit and sound of North American music as authentically as any group ever has.

Featured vocalist Mike Kelly has an amazing singing voice, and flawlessly matches John Fogerty’s vocals. 

Bad Moon Riders take great pleasure in faithfully recreating the music of CCR just as you remember it, lived it, and loved it! 

Tickets are $10 each

The Longriders - Lynyrd Synyrd Tribute

July 14, 2018

 The Longriders band is the quintessential Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. Based out of Surrey, BC, this group of consummate musicians and soulful rockers embody the talent and energy of the original band, who sadly lost members much too soon. The Longriders band evokes Ronnie Van Zant's profound and powerful vocals, while highlighting the triple threat guitar riffs that Lynyrd Skynyrd made famous. They celebrate the entire catalogue including hits like “Simple Man,” “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Tuesday's gone,” as well as deeper cuts such as “Cry For The Bad Man” and “I Got The Same Old Blues”

Authenticity to the music is at the core of every Longriders performance and each musician truly personifies the spirit of the original members. Lead singer Brett “Hippy” Hilton channels the power and humanity that was at the core of any Skynyrd performance. Fellow vocalists Sally Melo and Chandra Russell bring additional depth and charisma to the stage, while bass player Dave Young and drummer Chris Jeklin provide a strong rhythmic backbone that enhances the experience. Brent Scofield, Norm Dergousoff, and Robert Graves expertly intertwine impressive guitar licks with vitality and wisdom. Darryl Hebert does an exceptional job providing a Southern rock vibe on the keys.

If you’re looking for a genuine Lynyrd Skynyrd rock n’ roll experience, look no further than The Longriders. They will take you through a time capsule of songs from the 1970s that no other band can replicate. The music of Lynyrd Skynyrd is enjoyed by children from seven all the way to adults in their 70s. Once you have experienced the music it is something that you will never forget.

The Longriders bring the sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd to Canada and beyond. We embrace it, we breathe it, we live it. 

Tickets only $12.50


w/ Special Guest Scots and Soda

Sept 8, 2018

Thunderstruck has survived all music trends and has grown into a well respected name in the industry. With over 100 years of combined stage experience.
Featuring professional talent as the members include JUNO Award winner Budd Marr on Bass, formerly with Sweeney Todd, (Bryan Adams, Nick Gilder). Chiko Misomali, on drums who has played continuously for 25 years with The Bif Naked Band. Harry Degen, on lead guitar formerly with Bif Naked and Kradle. Shaun Mcdowell, on rhythm guitar formerly of Fortyfoot Echo and Blackout-The Scorpions Tribute. Shawn Klatt on lead vocals for Thunderstruck and the Trailer Park Playboys, and formerly of In The Flesh, The Daisychain, A Show Of Hands, and Blackout-The Scorpions Tribute. 

Tickets are $12.50 each 

Live Bands Every Weekend

Friday and Saturday 8:30 - 12:30

Jan  5-6             Trailerpark Playboys                                                            

Jan 12-13          Las Divas                                                                               

Jan 19-20          One Nite Stand                                                                     

Jan 26-27          Fully Loaded                                                                         

Feb 2                 Blind Pigeon                                                                         

Feb 3                 Eagle Eyes (Eagles Tribute - Tickets $10)                      

Feb 9-10            Ray Roper                                                                             

Feb 16-17          Catch 22                                                                                

Feb 23-24          Smith and Jones                                                                   

Mar 2-3              Shindiggers                                                                          

Mar 9                 Scots and Soda                                                                    

Mar 10              Thunderstruck (AC DC Tribute - Tickets $10)              

Mar 16              Blind Pigeon                                                                         

Mar 17              Blind Pigeon (3:30-7:30)                                                    

Mar 17              Kailyarders (8:30-12:30)                                                    

Mar 23-24         Pop Junkies                                                                           

Mar 30-31         Trailer Park Playboys                                                           

Apr 6-7              Smith and Jones                                                                  

Apr 13-14          Scots and Soda                                                                    

Apr 20-21          Ray Roper                                                                             

Apr 27               Blind Pigeon                                                                         

Apr 28               Moving In Stereo (Cars Tribute - Tickets $12.50)          

May 4-5             Trama                                                                                    

May 11-12         Audio Zoo                                                                             

May 18-19         Shindiggers                                                                           

May 25-26         Fully Loaded                                                                         

June 1-2            One Nite Stand                                                                    

June 8                All Stars                                                                                

June 9               Bad Moon Riders (CCR Tribute - $10 Tickets)              

June 15-16        Catch 22                                                                               

June 22-23        Pop Junkies                                                                          

June 29-30        The Remedy                                                                        

July 6-7              Scots and Soda                                                                   

July 13               Fully Loaded                                                                        

July 14               The Longriders (Lynyrd Synyrd Tribute - Tickets $12.50)                                                                

July 20-21           Smith and Jones                                                               

July 27-28           Shindiggers                                                                       

Aug 3-4               Blind Pigeon                                                                   

Aug 10-11           Trama                                                                              

Aug 17-18           Las Divas                                                                          

Aug 24-25           One Nite Stand                                                               

Aug 31-Sept 1     Trailerpark Playboys                                                      

Sept 7                  Scots and Soda                                                               

Sept 8                  Thunderstruck  (AC/DC Tribute - Tickets $12.50)   

Sept 14-15            Audio Zoo                                                                      

Sept 21-22            All Stars                                                                          

Sept 28-29            Catch 22                                                                         

Oct 5-6                  One Nite Stand                                                              

Oct 12-13              Smith and Jones                                                            

Oct 19-20              Trama                                                                             

Oct 26                    Ray Roper                                                                      

Oct 27                    Barracuda (Heart Tribute - $12.50 Tickets)          

Nov 2-3                  Pop Junkies                                                                   

Nov 9-10                Fully Loaded                                                                 

Nov 16-17              Scots and Sod   a                                                         

Nov 23-24              Trailerpark Playboys                                                   

Nov 30-Dec 1         Audio Zoo                                                                    

Dec 7                       All Stars                                                                         

Dec 8                     The Hip Show (Tragically Hip Tribute - Tickets $12.50)   

Dec 14-15              The Remedy                                                                

Dec 21-22              Sindiggers                                                                   

Dec 28-29              Catch 22